Friday, 26 September 2008

April 27, 2008


On April 27, I watched the first dragonfly this year.  
I was very glad.


mekhael tofliar said...

nice photos
you should blur the edges ten that would make them even more cool = )

Dragonflylady44 said...

Hello there. I have so much delight to view these early photos of dragonflies. It is a great thing to have 3 sites where the dragonfly can be shown. My heart is full of much happiness. Thank you so very much. You are one who has a pure heart and are blessed by God. You are also very talented. The love of the dragonfly is very grand. Thanks for the nice message. Many blessings...Elizabeth

Pseudothemis zonata said...

Hello, Mekhael Tofliar.
Thank you very much for your comment.

Pseudothemis zonata said...

I began the classification of the photograph of the dragonfly which I photographed in this year.
I stock a large quantity of photographs of the dragonfly.
I upload the photograph of the dragonfly every day from now on.
It is a present to you who love dragonflies.