Tuesday, 30 September 2008

June 7, 2008


The leading role of the Dragonfly Pond (Tonbo Ike) of June is Koshiaki Tonbo and Uchiwa Yanma. It is a dragonfly splendid both.


Gallicissa said...

Great to see so many dragonflies!

Pseudothemis zonata stands out from the rest for its unique colour pattern.

I can understand why you wanted to go by that name!

How many species of dragonflies and damselflies do you have?

Pseudothemis zonata said...

Thank you very much for your comment.
There are a great number of dragonflies in Japan. The old name of our country was a country of Akitsu (the country of the dragonfly).
Because there are the four seasons, different dragonflies appear in Japan every day.
I upload the video of the autumn dragonfly in Youtube now. The introduction by the photograph of these dragonflies seems to become it several weeks later.